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Thanksgiving Offerings

Andrew posted this article on November 12th, 2014

We are now accepting orders for Thanksgiving desserts and breads.  As some of you may already know, we are poised to begin construction on our new MSCo Patisserie (next to the Cafe) and plan to open after the New Year.   Andrew and Pierre Ferland, our Pastry Chef, have been developing a line of elegant desserts based on traditional holiday classics and we are offering a selection for pre-order this Thanksgiving.  This Holiday Season is a perfect time to unveil and preview the desserts and other offerings the MSCo Patisserie will be producing in the near future.   Below is a list of our offerings this Thanksgiving.

Please call the bakery, 442-8009,  or stop in to reserve your order.  Please do not attempt to order through the comments section of our website.  We have all items on display for the next couple weeks so you can have a more detailed look.

All items will be freshly made for you, and will be available to pick-up between 10:00am-5:30pm on Wed. November 26th.


-Classic French Apple Tart $24.00 (Serves 8-10)

-Small Classic French Apple Tart $5.00 (Serves 1-2)

-Caramel-Pecan Mousse Pie $32.00 (Serves 8-10)

-Small Caramel-Pecan Mousse Pie $6.50 (Serves 1-2)

-Chocolate-Hazelnut Crunch Tart $32.00 (Serves 8-12)

-Small Chocolate-Hazelnut Crunch Tart $6.50 (Serves 1-2)

-Citrus Buckwheat Tart* $26.00 (Serves 8-10)

-Small Citrus Buckwheat Tart* $5.50 (Serves 1-2)

-Chocolate Pumpkin Opera Cake $38.00 (Serves 8-10)

-Small Chocolate Pumpkin Opera Cake $9.00 (Serves 2-3)

-Pear and Vanilla Dacquoise $36.00 (Serves 8-10)

-Small Pear and Vanilla Dacquoise $9.00 (Serves 2-3)

-Parisian Macarons* (5 pc box) $15.00

-Parisian Macarons* (10 pc box) $28.00

(Macarons: assortment of pumpkin, lavender, vanilla, dark chocolate and pistachio)

*Made without gluten



-Take&Bake Cinnamon rolls $12.00 (5 rolls in a tin)

-Cranberry Walnut Bread $8.75 (2 pound loaf)

-Parker House Rolls $6.00 (6 pack)

-MSCo Dinner Rolls $5.00 (6 pack)

-Dodgeville Harvest Rolls $6.00 (6 pack)

-Miche $15.00 (2 kilos)

-Half Miche $8.00 (1 kilo)

Classes: Introduction to Naturally Leavened Breads

Andrew posted this article on February 12th, 2014

We are offering another Introduction to Naturally Leavened Breads on February 22 from 4-7 pm.  Taught by Head Baker and Co-Owner, Andrew Hutchison, students will learn the basics of sourdough starters and how to make delicious breads at home.  I hope to see everyone there that missed out on the first class this year.

Classes are available for purchase through Brown Paper Tickets (you can follow the link on the class), at our Cafe, or over the Phone at 608-442-8009.We hope to offer more baking and pastry classes in the next couple months.  Stay posted on our website and facebook for more updates.

Thanks for listening,


Bread Classes!

Andrew posted this article on January 9th, 2014

We are now offering a couple bread classes at the beginning of February.  It seems to be the perfect time of year to start a nourishing hobby that involves heat and the comforting aromas of fermentation and caramelized crusts.  The first class is an Introduction to Naturally Leavened Breads on Saturday, Feb. 1 from 4-7pm.  This is a class we have taught in the past with a few changes.  In this class you will learn from Head Baker and Co-Owner Andrew Hutchison how to cultivate a sourdough starter, use it as a leaven, mix and shape loaves, and bake in your home oven.
The second class is Rye Breads 3 ways on Sunday, Feb. 2 from 4-7pm.  In this class, Andrew will teach you the basics of naturally leavened rye breads by mixing, baking, and shaping 3 different styles of rye bread.  Rye breads are very hearty and the perfect accompaniment to winter stews and vegetables.
Both classes are available for purchase through Brown Paper Tickets (you can follow the links on each class), at our Cafe, or over the Phone at 608-442-8009.
We hope to offer more baking and pastry classes in the next couple months.  Stay posted on our website and facebook for more updates.
Thanks for listening,

Thanksgiving Pre-Orders now available

Andrew posted this article on November 21st, 2013

We are accepting orders for Thanksgiving.

Below is our list of items available for pick-up on Wed,  Nov. 27.  There a few new items to try this year.  We decided to stray a bit from the classics such as Pecan, Pumpkin, and Apple and replace them with seasonally flavored and unique style desserts that will fit the holiday occasion.  The Chocolate Pear Frangipane Tart is one of my favorites.  A classic style tart with a great combination of pears, chocolate, and almond.  Also, our Spiced Apple Cranberry tart is based on a Normandy style tart, with the fruit, including rum infused raisins, baked in a silky custard with ginger and anise.  Last, but not least, the Maple Sweet Potato Pie, is a refined version of a traditional Autumn pie; a great substitution for pumpkin pie at the Thanksgiving table.

On the bread side we are offering a new bread, Dodgeville Harvest Rolls.  Some of you may have had a taste of this at one of the Farmer’s markets this past October.  This bread is an expression of the years wheat and rye harvest in Wisconsin, specifically Dodgeville, from farmers Dennis Dochnal and Larry Damen.  This is a whole grain roll with sprouted rye berries.  Expect a distinct sweetness balanced by an intense fermented cereal grain flavor with a variety of soft and crisp textures.  Of course, we have our Parker House Rolls available for those of you looking for something on the more traditional side (I love these for leftover sandwiches), our Toasted Barley, and yes, Cranberry Walnut is back.

And for those of you short on time, our Kitchen will be making Cranberry Sauce, Cherry Jam, and Butternut Squash soup.

I hope to see you Wednesday morning, it has been such a great year to bake for you all, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share this years bounty with those we care about.




Quantity:          Item:


_______           Chocolate-Pear Frangipane Tart $24.00 (Serves 8-10)

_______           Maple Sweet Potato Pie $24.00 (Serves 8-10)

_______           Spiced Apple Cranberry Raisin Tart $24.00 (Serves 8-10)



_______           Cranberry-Walnut Bread $8.75  (2 pound loaf)

_______           Toasted Barley Bread $8.75  (2 pound loaf)

_______           Parker House Rolls $6.00  (6 pack)

_______           Dodgeville Harvest Rolls $5.00  (6 pack)

_______           Miche $15.00 (2 kilos)

_______           Miche Half $8.00 (1 kilo)



_______           Cranberry Sauce $11.00 (16oz)

_______           Roasted Butternut Squash Soup w/ Sourdough Croutons $16.00 (32oz: 4-6 servings)

_______           Door County, WI Tart Cherry Refrigerator Jam $7.00 (7oz)


Other Items:____________________________________________________________________


All items will be made to order on the day of your pick-up.  All items will be available for pick-up between 10:30am-5:30pm on Wednesday, November 27th.

Name_____________________________________         Phone:___________________________

Credit Card #______________________________________(or pay at register)    Exp. Date___________________

Summer Fruit Tart Pastry Class

Andrew posted this article on July 11th, 2013

Come experience a taste of Paris and discover a classic French dessert that has delighted Parisians for generations. Chef Pierre Ferland will showcase La Tarte aux Fruits, a sophisticated summer favorite that will be sure to please. In this class, you will learn how to make pâte sucrée (sweet tart dough), pastry cream, and prepare fresh fruit to make your own tarte aux fruits.

Class is on July 13 from 4-7pm.  For more information and sign up, visit brown paper tickets.