Cranberry Sprouted Rye

Andrew posted this article on December 18th, 2012

We have been experimenting quite a bit with sprouting rye berries.  Sprouting grains unlocks nutrients and vitamins otherwise not digestible.  They make for a tremendous addition to whole grain breads, adding another dimension of nutrition as well as flavor. We were pleasantly surprised in our test batches of Sprouted Rye by the amount of sweetness coming from the sprouts.  Essentially what happens is the starches in the sprouts “malt” or convert to sugar as the bread gets a long slow bake in the oven, thus yielding little morsels of malt sweetness dispersed throughout the dough.  This sweetness makes a great match to the earthy richness of a whole grain rye bread dough.  We have taken it a step further, just for fun, and added an addition of fresh Wisconsin cranberries for a sweet/tart bread that calls for nothing but itself to be eaten.

In the photos you are seeing the sprouts with cranberries (that recall the fields they were grown in), the dough, and the finished loaves.  We are baking the Sprouted Rye regularly on Fridays and Saturdays.  Come check it out.


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