Our Partners

Lonesome Stone Milling

We have gradually been introducing milled wheat and rye from the new Lonesome Stone Milling out of Lone Rock, WI. Each bag of flour comes with not only technical information and specifications but also the name and place of the farm where the grain was grown. Introducing these Wisconsin grown and milled flours to our bread and designing loaves to draw out the particular characteristics of these identity preserved grains has been a great step forward for our bakery and bakers, challenging our skills and continuing our commitment to locally sourced foods.


Kickapoo Coffee Roasters

We proudly serve coffee from Kickapoo Coffee Roasters.  Kickapoo Coffee is a family owned small roaster located near the beautiful Kickapoo River in Southwest Wisconsin.  Their coffees are thoughtfully sourced and finely crafted with quality, ethics, and community at the core of their business.  We brew a few different blends with a couple in rotation as they become available.  Stop in and try them out.


Sassy Cow Creamery

We are proud to serve Sassy Cow products throughout our café and bakery. Sassy Cow Dairy includes two small, family owned and operated farms (one organic and one conventional) in Columbus, WI with a herd of 500 cows. The Baerworlf have a great love for their cows that started generations ago, they make all decisions about their creamery based upon the welfare of the herd. The cows reside in a sand bedded free-stall barn and, weather permitting, spend time in the grass pasture both exercising and relaxing. Sassy Cow provides Madison Sourdough Café and Bakery with some of the safest, tastiest and highest quality hormone free milk around. Not only do we love what they do, we also love their ice cream!


Macha Tea House

Madison Sourdough sources tea from Ma*cha Tea House and Gallery on Monroe Street. Anthony, Macha’s tea guru, keeps us fully stocked with bold teas that are seasonally appropriate, meeting the high demands of our café. The café will always have a selection of at least five organic teas available for your enjoyment to include a black (MSCo. Blend), green, oolong, herbal and a seasonal “special-tea”.


Yuppie Hill Poultry

Yuppie Hill provides our kitchen and bakery with eggs from hens raised cage free in Burlington, WI.


New Century Farm

New Century Farm provides our kitchen and bakery with organic eggs from hens raised cage free in Shullsburg, WI.